10 Jun 2016


Private cabins for $65.00/night per persons

All meals and One tour included

Reservation : or Airbnb

Everyone sleeps in beach-front cabanas, food (without beverages), one tour is included in our price. We have 5 cabanas all different sizes. 1 double-bed cabanas, 1 double-bed and single bed cabanas and the rest have four to seven single beds. Most of our cabanas sleep 2, but some sleep 3 and some sleep 4 to 8. We can change the beds layout and sizes according to your needs. We provide mattresses, linens, blankets, and pillows. We have electricity for lighting in the cabanas but recommend you to bring a flashlight with you.

Out on the island we have shared toilets and shared showers with well-water (not heated). These infrastructures are not luxury but good enough on this remote piece of paradise. Please note the bathroom facilities on our island are not attached to the rooms, requiring a walk of 50 meters. Guests are requested to add water in the toilet water tank before to flush. Papers must be thrown into the rubbish bin.

Double occupancy is not mandatory but preferable during the high season, note in the case we can’t accommodate one traveler in a private cabin, he/she may be roomed with another single traveler of the same gender.

If you are 4 or more guests, we can assign you 2 separate cabanas (if available) for your best convenience.

We will not reserve specific cabanas in advance as we must consider the needs of everyone but we will always do our best to make your stay with us wonderful! We more information, please read our FAQ.

Our rate includes:

  • ALL our excellent meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • One Day tour

Our rate does not include: 

  • The collective 4×4 Transportation from/to Panama-city ($60.00 pp) or Private 4×4 Transportation ($350.00 pp) can be organized by us but we are not responsible of this part of the journey. The transport fee must be paid in cash to the driver when you enter the vehicle. Kindly indicate your hotel name in the booking form or at least 48 hours prior departure. Pick-up time: 5.30am – expected check-in time: 10.30am – Check-out time: 9.00am (late check-out can be organized, see below).
  • The Kuna Yala Entrance Fees for foreigners ($22.00 pp) and ($7.00 pp) for residents must be paid in cash to the local authorities.
  • Sea transfer from/to our Island ($30.00 pp) must be paid in cash to us.
  • Island afternoon departure at 3pm can be organized for ($30.00pp – lunch included) must be paid in cash to us. Guests are requested to leave the cabins if any others new guests arriving in the morning. Kindly indicate the late departure option in the booking form.
  • Optional tours to Cayos Holandeses, Jungle and mainland local community tours.
  • Snorkeling equipment, bring your own equipment
  • Water, Soda, Alcohol and snacks (note: the taxi usually stop at the supermarket)

Estimated Arrival time at Ogob Nega, Chichime Island: 10.30am estimated

Estimated Departure time from Ogob Nega Chichime Island: 8.00am estimated (late afternoon departure can be organized – see above)

Mandatory items to bring with you:

Always have your Passport with you and not in your bag as there are some check-point on the way.

The 4×4 transportation will stop on the supermarket but at in case it does not, make sure to have at least a gallon of water with you and others small snacks.


Snorkeling equipment (we rent some but not always available)

Rain coat for the boat ride.

Ziploc or any hermetic bags to put your valuable items in a safe place during the boat ride as everything can get wet.

Toilet paper (suggested)

Sun block.

Mosquito repellent (mosquitoes are not much present on the islands but at the port).

CASH PAYMENT – We do not accept credit card unless you book your stay with us through AIRBNB

We would appreciate if you can RE-CONFIRM YOUR STAY WITH US 48 hours in advance

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