15 Jul 2016


  • Volunteering Program
    Ogob Nega
  • Ogob Nega offers Volunteering program on Chichime Island. Depending on your skills, you can help us in different areas: Teach us English, act as translator between our Kuna guide and our guests, develop a sustainable environment, clean the beach, recycle, cook, promote our business with social medias and picture, write article, take picture and more. This website has been for example created by volunteers. We also have volunteers helping us to answer our emails. Your help will be appreciated if you stay for a minimum length of 10 days and ideally providing your service 4 hours a day. You will receive a very nice discount on your accommodation including food and fun! Are you interested ? Kindly send us your motivation letter and we will see how you can contribute to our community.




    Where to stay in San Blas

    • Handcraft
      Ogob Nega, San Blas
    • Ogob Nega sells traditional Kuna art made by our Kuna Women living with us on Chichime Island. Some of the items can be purchased directly on the island but specific items such as Mola Pillows are stored in Panama-City to preserve their original quality. These items can be ordered on-line and delivered worldwide and can be also purchased and delivered in Panama-City. One of our volunteer staff will deliver it at your hotel. Mola and Shakira are the most important symbol of our Kuna Culture and part of our Kuna Women’s national dress, the Mola as blouses and the Shakira as bracelets. By purchasing these unique and colorful pieces of art, you will provide sustainable income for our Kuna women and families and also promote our Kuna art & culture around the world.

















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